WIP: Crochet/Knitting

I have several piece in the works today, including some crochet pieces. I'm extremely proud of that second part of that statement as crochet has eluded me for some time. However let's get right to it.

This is a cowl crocheted from TLC Cotton Plus, named  Snowy Mountain.

 A very simple design adapted from one on the Lion Brand site.

It was an ideal first project for me, just needs trimming now.

This cowl to the right is called Pina Colada on the Beach due not only to the colors but also because of the wave like effect of the decrease pattern.

Made from a no-brand 100% wool, it is fuzzy and very warm.


This next piece is destined to be a bolero fashioned from 100% Cotton in various shades. It is called A Walk in the Garden.

The pattern is one from Drops and features roses, so I think is very apt. My only concern so far is that it will have to be blocked and I have never blocked a crochet project before and I am daunted by the loops.

To the right is a crocheted cushion cover.

It is just under halfway done.

What I am loving about crochet is how easy it is to have 3 projects with the same hook in use and no worries about leaving one for the next - this leads to maximum portability and makes for a great "while driving" project.

I spend a lot of time in vehicles as my job has pick up, I am usually the first in and the last out so this is good for me.

Below  is a close up of the stitches.

Here is another braided necklace using wool yarn. I had fun with this and I love it.

Simple and fun.    

I call this one, Dried Fruit in my Ice-cream.                        

To the right is my Barbie, Fina wearing the very beginnings of a crocheted scarf. She may claim it for herself if I am not careful and I may let her keep it and start another.  

That is all for today. Thanks for looking and if you do, I appreciate you comments! If you're just passing through mosey along to Tami's and see lots of other projects in the beginning to mid stages.

Have a great day!                                                                          


  1. Excellent crocheting :) I tried learning at the weekend and it all went slightly pear shaped! Must try harder. Love your "walk in the garden" colours :)

  2. I LOVE your 'walk in the garden'..the color graduation is so lovely!

  3. I really like the braided necklace! It's funky.

  4. Wow, you have so many amazing things going all at once, and your crocheting looks gorgeous. I really love the Walk in the Garden bolero---I'd be intimidated by blocking those loops, too, but they're beautiful loops---and the Pina Colada on the Beach cowl, those colours are amazing. You give your projects such cool names, too, I love it. :)

  5. I'm loving the Pina Colado cowl, the colours are really lovely.

  6. I really love the bolero. The colors in it are so gorgeous.

  7. I'm loving cowls at the moment. Dont be afraid of blocking crochet, just stretch the heck out of it to make it nice and drapey :D


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