WIP: Bolero Edition

Unlike many of my previous Wednesdays I only have one project to show because in an effort to simplify my crafting space and life, I am working on one project at a time.

The pattern has proved to be a challenge for my newly acquired crochet skills without stretching them over much, however understanding the pattern on the DROPs site and visualizing what I am doing is entirely another matter.

I have never felt quite so lost trying to understand the bigger picture. It has been quite a fight but I have progressed to the shaping of  one of the arms.

Another challenge was getting an apt picture but I did my best. With luck I can finish up both sleeves by Friday. We'll have to see however, I make mistakes frequently and the color-changing feels tedious and often inspires me to take breaks.

Enough prattle however. Here is it:


  1. Great minds think alike lol! I have just made the same vow - one project at a time (for personal knitting - I always have something on the needles for my part-time designing job). I want to also work through my stash yarn, if I can.

  2. That is looking great :-) I admire your self-discipline in restricting yourself to 1 WIP too :)

  3. Sometimes it is impossible to see the bigger picture! Especially if something is knit in pieces ... baffling! I'm glad you're persevering, learning new stitches and techniques is SO worth it!


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