UnCluttered Me

My life feels like this:

But what I want is this:

Uncluttered Me

I want
To breathe freshness
See boundless
Live green and simple

I want
To watch the clouds
Smile at my reflection
Lay in the grass

I want
To take a walk along a road
Winding but peaceful
To the unknown

I want
Remember goals forgotten
Recall a lost friend's smile
Bask in happy memories

I want
To dance to my heartbeat
Get warm in the sun
Then cool under the trees

I want
Freedom in a moment
Unhinged in inspiration
Saved my imagination

I want
A life uncharted
But uncluttered
And uncomplicated!


  1. I can relate. I live in the city and I so badly want to live out in the country! Or on a mountain top. ANYwhere but HERE!


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