Shopaholic Saturday No. 3

Having skipped a Saturday due to extreme fatigue, I present myself this Saturday ready to tackle my recent online finds, obsessions and reserved lists. I stand by the belief that making lists can help anyone manage their finances or at least get your head organized.

For me getting organized is also about buying thing for my room and craft to help me get what I need to do done more efficiently.

Here is a 4" stitch counting gauge from the talented Karen which I will buy at the end of this month:

It was produced to match with my recent purchase of a Needle gauge to the left. She has many sets from Safari animals to just yarn balls. Her sheep and llama gauges are particularly cute. Head on over to her store on Etsy if you would like one or two for yourself. I have further plans to round out my set so I could hardly blame you.

Next I have added yet more projects bags to my lists. My friend Inky from Urban Mouse to a Country Mouse had asked me where I found them. Now for some they may be on the expensive side but I can vouch that the construction is sound. They look lovely - I've gotten compliments on them already and they do the job well. That being said. Here is what I plan to get for myself very soon, another August purchase.

A very handsome bag if I do say so my self and indeed I do. If you are interested, head over to Gaby's on Etsy and have look. They also have some yarn available.

That is all for now. The rest of my shopping list is not yet finalized, when it is you may very well get a peek into my basket.

Take care until next time.


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