It seems to be just yesterday that I started this journey in blogging but it has been a month. Not a long time for some but for me a notable mile-stone.

My ups and downs in this period make yesterday feel like a lifetime; I have progressed in knitting; I have learnt how to knit a hat, I have done a baby blanket and a baby hat and have learnt about a provisional cast on and the horse-shoe lace pattern.

Participated in my first yarn swap and eagerly await the results. I have looked at my stash with new eyes and felt despair and consternation. I have literally squealed in delight over yarn  that I purchased online and challenged myself to the point where I didn't want to see my knitting needles anymore.

I recaptured some of my enthusiasm but going back to a tried and true favorite and joined a knitting community that brought me closer to others while managing to make me feel even farther away from my goal.

This month has taught me that I am willing to persevere if I can see a result in my struggle, but I remain daunted by finger-less gloves. I would welcome a return to innocence when even making on stitch without all the other slipping off the needle was triumph enough even as I revel in the completion in complex endeavors.

I ask myself if I want to continue blogging despite the way how it has expanded and corralled my horizons and expectations respectively, even, the answer is yes.


  1. Blogging has really helped me with my knitting ... and Ravelry, too. If ever I've been stuck with a procedure (such as p2tog tbl, or how to read a lace chart), I always get assistance within an hour of asking! Posting pictures of my knitting and getting compliments or suggestions really makes it fun, too! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Beth, I appreciate your encouragement!

  3. I agree, blogging and connecting on Ravelry really gives me the encouragement and motivation I need to continue! Especially when you want something to share on WIPW or FOF, you're more likely to work on/finish projects that would otherwise sit around (I'm a starter, not a finisher!) So you keep blogging, we'll keep reading ;) Good luck!


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