Morning Reflections

Spending the night in the Grantley Adams control tower, cold and bored out of my mind I came to some peace with my dilemma with my Bolero.

The passion to complete it had been killed dead by the less than enthusiastic response from the intended recipient. I was trying to finish it on the impetus of determination and negativity. Needless to say this was not successful.

Last night I laid it out and took a long look at it. It was too large, way too large and a measurement affirmed my suspicions. The colorway however was too good to destroy and after trying it on and think about it; I came to the conclusion that it could be modified into a shawl/cape.

My crochet skills however are less than stellar and I would have to turn to my Squirrel to get it finished up. No problem really except that left me with no project to tackle until I could arrange a day by my friend which is quite disheartening.

I have been away from knitting so long I am beginning to crave St St. But I'll stick to my plans I will. I will.


  1. Not a lot of air traffic at Grantley Adams at night? :-) Good luck!

  2. No Beth, just one or two flights. It is very slow!

  3. Since that project holds so much negative energies for you, I vote frog it and make into something you really love.


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