Gifting Gafts - Let's face it I'm hurt

I recently started a project for a co-worker of mine and during a fitting she declared that she did not care for the colors. She said, that she prefers loud colors and what I had chosen was not to her liking.

Now the disappointment I felt was immense and I instantly started thinking as to what I could do instead; this co-worker had brought me some yarn, not paid for it just ferried from America to our island home and I wanted to repay her.

Here I was racking my brain as to what yarn I had in my stash to meet her color requirements. Then reality dawned: I had shown her this yarn before I started and she treated the prospect of having something knit for her with the yarn with excitement... now all of  sudden?

A coldness crept over me. I am by nature a very generous person. I love to make things for people and that is all the payment I feel I need.

It is ironic that after changing the name of my blog and making peace with my loving, gifting nature I would be faced with such contrary disregard for my efforts.

It is also ironic that faced with a deadline of Aug 23rd, that I would have to ditch my one project at a time rule to try to make up a shawl in 'loud' colors for this woman. I thought about it, but I changed my mind. Irreverently, my mind screamed "Hell no,".

I would finish my bolero as I planned, and then if it was not yet the 23rd, she would get her shawl/shawlette. If it was past due, too bad. I had done the best I could and I simply was not going to bend. I'm trying to recapture my good spirit about it, but it simply isn't easy.

I'm hurt, upset and angry but I'm trying to take it one day at a time.


  1. There's no accounting for folks :-/

  2. I agree with Vivianne. There's no accounting for folks and some of them really have no gratitude and NO manners!!!!!

    When I started to knit last November, a friend asked for a cowl. I found a pattern and was both easy and challenging enough for my skill-set with a great stitch pattern. This woman turned around to tell me, she didn't want it -- reason -- it wasn't droopy enough. :{

    That did it for me!!!! She never got it or any other; I'm actually knitting the pattern this year for my bestie and she loves it.

    Don't beat yourself up ...

  3. A lot of people simply have no idea what goes into knitting. How many times have we heard "You *should* make me one of those?" A simple shawl is hours of work!

    Hang in there :)

  4. Thanks all of you! I really appreciate you spending your time to support me. Its the first time this happened and I suppose it won't be the last! But I won't let her ruin my fun!

  5. I totally feel for you and the situation - been there, done that. Sometimes, when the student is ready the teacher appears, if you know what I mean. It's the old "ease and effort" theory - through struggle, we gain ease for the next struggle, and so on. A life process, yes? On the other hand, don't you just want to bean the person hahaha!


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