This is the Day

Today in Barbados it wasn't quite sunny and it never made it to rainy. This in between land of weather properly mirrors my current creative moodset.

After searching the internet tirelessly for hat patterns, I settled on a hybrid pattern. Three hats later, I managed to successfully craft a head garment that fit well, even after blocking.

The deep feeling of achievement was soon replaced by the need to continue and expand my repertoire.

The hats were made in Aran weight, 50% Acrylic 50% Cotton Berlini MayFair.
First Hat that was the correct size. ^^
Second Hat, this one was a gift.
Today I am starting the same hat pattern, with some modification for fiber and yarn weight in Epicurus Winter Fat, worsted weight. As soon as my camera comes to life again. I will furnish this post with the appropriate pictures.

This is the day that I declare that knitting is like a soup, you don't know what's lurking beneath the surface but you plunge your spoon in, enticed by the scent and hope to find something you really like. Though hats tried to get the better of me, and my optimism failed me at times; I can say that "MmmmMMhmm Good!" and look forward to making another hat.

Another time, another rhyme.



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