Shopaholic Saturday; Stash Boss Battle Lvl 100

I have decided to be studious and knit swatches of all of my stash yarn. This is to help me to meet my goal of not becoming a hoarder of yarn. I think I am in the same position as several knitters who bought a lot of yarn early on that now that we know what we really love to knit or what a true bargain is, realise we have tons of yarn we wouldn't buy now even if it only cost 1c.

This dilemma can be solved by giving away the yarn or just ignoring it, valiantly convincing ourselves that maybe later or some time soon or who knows when it'll come in handy. As optimistic as these questions are they don't sit well with me.

I can admit it gals and guys, I am a yarn addict. When I see a lovely variegated yarn in an absolutely yummy colour-way the adrenaline is released and I start convincing myself that if I don't get it, my knitting will forever more suffer.

Sometimes I don't fight it but I've had enough. Yes, I will always want to buy that yarn and now that I know I prefer certain fibres, colours and styles, I am a more informed buyer. The power is now in my hands. As a knitter I am ever-evolving but I feel like I have reached plateau of potential where I can choose yarns on-line and just know I'm going to enjoy them.

This of course is a wonderful joyous thing. It means value for dollar and no more of that annoying.. what the hell did I buy this for again? Or worse yet that sinking feeling when you just finished buying one set of yarn and run into that other set that was just a little more perfect.

I have learned to always keep searching even when you feel you've found what you wanted. Check everywhere and anywhere and even this place and that place. Don't stop looking until you've exhausted all the possible search results. Hit the forums, the boards and the blogs! Search high, low, across and around until you discover that secret dungeon filled with yarn that has your name stamped all over the label, even though it doesn't know it yet.

And when you've found that yarn. Wait. Sleep on it. Keep searching tomorrow but bookmark that treasure. Even if is on sale, at a close out price.. keep looking. Why you ask.. this is why. There will always be more yarn. 

Yes knitters, crocheters and yarn-aholics-alike, it is amazing and awesome but true. No matter how good the yarn you have in mind to buy is, there is always going to be more. Give yourself time to miss it, to think about it. Stop just short of getting obsessed and look for other options.

And meanwhile, look at what you've got and make at least one solid attempt at using some of your stash yarn while you browse. We all think we've got that yarn for the perfect project, but life isn't always about perfection. Yarn has about as much potential as you force it to have.

So today, my family in needles and hooks, I challenge you to stitch up at least two of your stash yarn for every one that you are looking purchase. And whenever you feel the impulse, step away from the yarn, look out the window at the world and remember that although it seems like the only way to be happy is to get that yarn right now, there more out there! Lots more!

Go look at it... and knit, stitch, weave, paint, sing, dance, live and eventually buy yarn and smoosh it on your cheek and squee.


  1. Yes, haven't we all done that dirty little secret of buying the cheap/harsh/not-quite-the-right-color/it's-better-in-bulk-size yarn. Afterwards, we felt bereft, guilty, and it gets stashed in the back, under some really lovely alpaca. I had the opportunity to "gift" the thrift shop of some of my better choices when we moved recently, and there are STILL some klunkers left in the closet lol! Really nice post - hit the nail right on the needle lol.

  2. Thanks for the visit and everything you have said is so true! Maybe I should make a donation to a summer camp or a thrift store as well!


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