Shopaholic Saturdays

I have caught the meme fever and decided to make one for myself. Introducing: Shopaholic Saturday. I am always shopping online and constantly looking for new places to buy yarn, candles, hand-pressed soaps, books…. the list goes on and on.

It is a true scavenger hunt and nothing makes me happier than finding a good deal. A good deal is not always cheap. It is value for money and reasonable shipping paired with a feeling in my spirit that I love working with this seller or shop because when I get my products I feel great inside.

This Saturday I am going to highlight one or two of my recent purchases and then show you what I am planning to buy or still trying to decide.

First up is my darling typewriter. I was looking around one day on Etsy and saw that there was a typewriter as one of the featured items. The price was a shocking 30 dollars.

This is the start of an impetus inside of me. I remembered when I was a young girl there was an old typewriter in the backyard and I used to play on it, imaging myself as a writer.

It was one of the few happy memories of my childhood and I was determined to crystalize it by buying one. I didn’t manage to get the one of the front page but after some concentrated window shopping, I found one that was one sale, a lovely blue and came with a ribbon.

I knew that it was meant for me and though shipping to Barbados was bound to be expensive, 100US to be exact. I had to have it. Life is too short to let go of dreams, and too full of badness at times to allow goodness to slip through our fingers.

I have it now and I simply could not be happier. I have used it to writer shopping and want list and I find that my thoughts are clearer. I hope it and I have a long time together. I plan to read as much as I can about keeping her in good condition and I have found some nice paper for her.

A set of vintage Eaton paper and some recycled paper from a store on Etsy.  I blog about those and the ribbons when I have received the packages.

My final word; Money can’t buy happiness, but sometimes spending money can make you happy. You need to learn not to confuse the two.


  1. Oooh, I do love me a typewriter! Could we take a peek at yours? I'd love to see your 'lovely blue' typewriter.


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