Salt Scrub Experiment

Hi there. I recently decided that I loved the sound of Dead Sea Salt bars. At first I was rearing to go and buy them up from every available source and then I rescinded that and decided to get an ex-foliating Soap cozy made by my best friend (see below) and buy salt scrub for myself to apply.

Then I further re-thought that and decided I would purchase dead-sea salt and try to make my own scrub. Yes that was the plan...

Then today as I ground Sea-salt into my chicken soup I had one of those...I wonder moments. Sure, Dead Sea salt is fancy and everything but isn't this sea salt too? I looked up a recipe on but honestly I ignored it for the most part. But I'll post it anyhow in case you all have more recipe following patience than me. You can find that here.

I was off like a flash into the pantry where I unearthed: -

Vanilla, Mixed essence


                     All to pair with the:

                     Then they all went into this little dish!

Into my little dish

                     Then a good set of arm movement!

Stir Stir Stir

 It was smelling yummy and seemed to be okay... I had no idea what I was doing but I had fun. Into the bath I went armed with my scrub and my Soap Cozy filled with Imperial Leather!

Here it is!

A few minutes later, emerging clean and smooth I had a few thoughts and plans.

1) Less Oil, More salt. I was suffering from the ache of grinding but my ratio was way off

2) In aid of the above, perhaps some store-bought ready-ground sea salt.

3) Might be quirky but I live really close to the sea, thinking of catching some water and letting it dry out. Might not yield a lot but worth a try!

4) Bath then Salt scrub and then a light soap down. It cuts the greasiness and acts like a buff.

5) I will be doing this again!

I had so much fun, I simply can't explain it. I also have thoughts of melting down a bar of Imperial Leather, stirring in the salt and oil and letting it reset. Sounds messy and fun! Looking forward to further bath adventures!


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun :) I made soap with salt included, to make it scrubby, it works quite well. Also, doing a similar thing with oats makes a very nourishing scrub ;)

  2. Sounds fun! Cute scrubby, too:)

  3. I have a scientific experiment for myself to preform


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