Hats, Hats, Hats - A triple H threat of knitted hats

Today I have begun the Epicurus Winter Fat beanie as well as one done from Carnival Cotton from Ice.

The Carnival Cotton is a ribbon yarn with beautiful summer shades and is about light worsted to sports weight.

I am using a size 9 set of DP’s for the Winter Fat and size 6 DP’s for the carnival cotton.
Winter Fat Hat
Winter Fat Hat in the early stages
carnival hat
Carnival Hat in the early stages

The pattern I am using in a top down increase which starts as follow,. NB this increase pattern was found on Lion Brand:

CO 6

Round 1 – (K1, K1 in the front and back loop of the next stitch)

Separate stitching evenly onto three DP’s. (4 each)

Round 2 – Knit all.

Round 3 and all other odd numbered rows. Divide the number of stitches on one of your needles by two and subtract one.

Current count 4.  4 divided by 2 equals 2. 2 minus 1 is 1. Thusly:

Round 3 – Knit 1, K1 in the front and back loop of the next stitch, K 1 K1 in the front and back loop of the next stitch

Round 4 and all even rows, Knit all.

Round 5 – same as three, the equation tells you how many knit should come before you increase and it increases by one every time.

Count on one needle is now 6. 6 divided by 2 equals 3. 3 minus 1 is 2. Thusly:

Round 5 Knit 2,  K1 in the front and back loop of the next stitch, Knit 2, K1 in the front and back loop of the next stitch.

Continue this until you have the desired width. So far for an Aran weight hat to fit an adult, 60 stitches in all give the current width. I am now researching what the stitch count needs to be for other weight of threads.

It is very important to wet block your yarn before attempting to do any pattern especially if is a garment. I learned the hard way; my first hat looked more like a shoulder bag of medium size or perhaps a space shuttle for 6 inch Martians instead of a beanie. The disappointment was immense and it could have been avoided. I never thought I’d say this but : Check your gauge.

Ideally the width is the hat, with the needles laid flat should be between 6 and 6 and a half inches. This width is like the diameter of your hat not the circumference!

The length is up to you but I find anywhere between 7-8 before blocking is good, the variance will allow you to determine if you want the hat to cover the ears or not.

For a hat in which you want a slouchy fit, the width can be from 7 and a half to 8 but I wouldn’t go to much more as you can stretch and shape to your desire in your finishing stage.

I will continue to discuss the hat construction after you have done your final increase and a word on hats from the brim up in my next post. I will also show the third hat that I am starting in this triple H threat.

Until next time, if you see the Mad Hatter let him know Asha is looking for him.



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