Gail's Prayer Shawl

Here I will chronicle my making of a shawl.

Let's start with a brief history. Gail, my co-worker, asked me if I could make a prayer shawl. Honestly I had never made a shawl before but when it comes to doing things for my friends, I'll take on any challenge. We looked at patterns on-line a bit and then a few days later when we were back on shift together I showed her photos of my yarn stash.

She picked Epicurus Magenta Cactus Bud.  A worsted weight 100% Merino Yarn. This was slightly a problem as the pattern she had liked was bulky and I didn't have a lot of this hand-painted yarn. I searched some more and found a workable pattern from which I borrowed the method of increases. You can find that pattern here. It is basic and good for novelty yarns.

I set to work it immediately, even though it was 1 am. What can I say, I really like helping out my friends. I changed the pattern up quite a bit and here is the result.

Here it is drying on my dining table

As you can see I used several Eyelets and added in beads as well. I used embroidery floss strung with the beads,  held double with the main worsted-weight yarn to get the beads into the fabric since the holes were really small.

This video below though silent was very helpful!

My best friend also helped me with bead selection and I got some input from my Dad who was replacing the flooring in our front house but didn't mind pitching in. Love you Dad!

I washed it and it opened up really nicely, looking somewhat akin to a spider-web. I'm  considering adding tassels but I'm wavering. I think it just needs a nice shawl pin and it is good to go!

I am very happy with the result and it was a good experience. I just hope she loves it.


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