Frustration Finger-less Gloves

I have recently taken on the challenge of making a pair of finger-less gloves for one of my co-workers. More fool me.

It has been a mojo-stealing, heart-breaking, technique-learning exercise in pure, unfiltered frustration. I have succeeded in finding and understanding several free patterns. I have managed so far to cast-on, and finish as far as the thumb gusset two gloves.

However I still don't feel happy. I don't know what is wrong. I haven't as yet managed to complete the thumb without holes and I am not happy with using a standard ribbing for the cuff. I simply do not enjoy how it looks.

It is daunting to think of trying to come up with a pattern all on my own for something as unfamiliar to me as gloves but increasing I feel like I have no choice.

I do have a deadline to work to, which makes me feel even more daunted but I will not give up. Here's hoping that within a few days, after some work, I have a pair of gloves to show.


  1. I hear you on deadline knitting. It sucks the enjoyment out it for me. I hope you find a pattern that works. To decrease thumb holes I pick up extra sts and then decrease them away. After I finish the thumb I use the tail where I added the yarn to sew up any remaining holes.

  2. @Chris Thanks for the tips, I'll try to employ them when I reach my thumb again. I've completed a cuff that I believe I am happy with, so keeping my spirits up as much as possible.

  3. I'm still struggling with finding glove patterns I like. I guess a stretchy fabric necessary when you think of how narrow a wrist can be compared with how broad a palm can be. It's awful when the glove is baggy at the top of the hand. I've used patterns that have cables within the ribbing for more visual interest. Good luck!

  4. @Minding Thank you so much for the encouragement. Honestly finding a pattern can be so tiring! Makes you want to go without until you realize you have no clue where to begin!


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