Adding A Ruffled Edge

Tonight I'm just going to do a quick post about my experiences today with learning this technique.

 I decided I wanted to add a ruffled edge to my Carnival Cotton Hat. I chose Relax Cotton yarn in a beige colour and switched to this yarn after my hat body was the desired length. I thought that it would be difficult but it is a simple matter of increasing the number of stitches that you have and then knitting in garter.

So for any hat pattern you have, (Top Down) and really perhaps for any fabric or project a simple pattern for a Ruffled Edge would be.

Row 1:  K1, M1(make one or Increase one)* Repeat to end

If working in the round;

Row 2: Purl All

Row 3 Knit all

Repeat Row 2 & 3 until the brim is the desired length ending with a Knit row.

Bind off loosely.

If not working in the round Row 2 & 3 would simple be Knit all creating the Garter Stitch.

I like the effect that ruffles creates as it is playful and chic.

I'll post pics in the day time when the hat is dry and I can get a better shot of the colours. I will also put the pattern up so it can be used by anyone as I really like how it turned out and think it is a great Summer Hat. And further I will put up some pics of Garter Stitch and begin an on-line Stitch Library.

Til then.


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